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               "Here it is, guys; my second Blue Navy record. This album was the direct result of the pain and sadness that I had felt after the loss of a very meaningful relationship. Ultimately, the idea of this album spontaneously came in mid-January - what we had, and what could have been, is, and was, ours. I recorded and written this album simultaneously; it is a much more "stream-of-consciousness" album than "Mine." With senior year of high school in the way, making this album and finding time to work on it was incredibly difficult. However, I could not have been prouder of the end result, and I hope that it does you well. Thank you for listening." 

- Jake

"As a whole, Ours is a welcome follow-up to last years Mine. It will be interesting to see where Blue Navy can go with the style that Mine and Ours have developed."

Mike Marlow


"Dryzal, a Johnstown-area teenager, shows continued musical growth with "Ours". That goes for his songwriting, but even more notably for his production chops. This is a slick piece of music."

Bruce Siwy

Our Town Amped 

"There is a lot to appreciate here... Dryzal is a talented artist with a boatload of potential. I like where his head's at and am excited to hear his evolution. Recommended."

Dan Weston

Divide and Conquer 

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