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About Me

Hi! I'm Brandon and I'm now offering lessons in all things Music Production & Engineering!

I'm a student at Berklee College of Music working towards a Dual Major in Music Production/Engineering and Music Business. I've been producing music since 2012 in many genres; including EDM, Rock, and Metal.


Some of my past projects include engineering albums for my own band, Mannhattan (Grand Rapids, MI), and Hallucination (Scranton, PA), composing music for TV and Movie trailers through Liquid Cinema and APM Music, and releasing some of my own music under the name ProjeX.

About the Lessons

You can learn how to write, record, edit, mix and perform using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), as well as learn the ins and outs of software synthesis, effects, plugins and virtual instruments.

I am Pro Tools Certified, and also fluent with Ableton Live, but also have experience in other DAW's if you prefer not to use either. Starting off, you don't need any crazy equipment, but having an audio interface, decent computer, and microphone will surely help.

*Lessons can take place either in my studio in North East, PA or over a video chat platform such as Skype or Discord. 

There may also be opportunities for students to sit-in, observe, and help with upcoming recording sessions! 

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