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Latest Release

An Open Letter to Bob Murray is Mannhattan's take on the world we live in, specifically about the environment and how large corporations are affecting it.

“As working graduates going into a very new and strange stage of life, we felt it necessary to proclaim exactly what we wanted out of life. We feel that workers in white and blue collar alike are looking for some avenue to express themselves. Some way of screaming from the rooftops “I AM ALIVE”.It gets hard to do that when everything we do is questioned or vetoed by those who don’t understand what we want, but only what they want. We wrote this song to provide the mouthpiece someone could use to scream from the top of their lungs, ‘I. Am. Alive.’” -Mannhattan

Based in Grand Rapids, MI

Founded in 2015

Genre: #ClassicRock #Rock

Label: Prodigious Productions LLC


A Rock Reimagining.


As a constantly changing reflection of humankind’s wild and  unbridled passions, Rock music has gone in many

directions over the past few decades, and it’s time to bring that all back together.

Mannhattan takes the immortality of Rock & Roll with fresh ideas borrowed from Jazz, Electronic, and Metal music for something really special. With classic riff-centric rock lines and explosive drumming tied together by vocals ablaze, get ready for a cutting-edge take on a time-honored genre!


Mannhattan is 

Cory Greeno, Joe Joel, Royce Lloyd, and Sam Mann.


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Download Hi-Res

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