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The Prodigous Productions Admins


Mark Townsend and Brandon Seliga

Brandon Seliga

CEO, One Wing, Projex, Something To Corrupt

Brandon created Prodigious Productions with a vision for a record label that kept the musician at the forefront of it's priorities, not marketing, good looks, or even money, just the musician. His broad range of musical projects that he was a part of had originally inspired the creation of a record label, and his budding love for recording other musicians as an engineer set things into motion.

Mark Townsend

Business Adminstrator, Media Manager, Video Production

Mark specializes in video production and media management. He runs the Prodigious Productions YouTube channel and edits the majority of the featured videos, along with the running the Website, Facebook and Instagram pages. In his spare time, he can be often found jamming on guitar, bass or upon occasion, his trumpet. During recording sessions or other projects, he coordinates all the logistics from recording spaces and live performances, to housing and eating.

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