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Where the Musical Magic Happens

Our facility is built by and for musicians. We have quality acoustic treatment that the cleanest sounding mixes from the start. Our studio features top of the line behringer and focusrite equipment, alongside of Apple products that complement both productivity and sound quality. We have a growing mic locker that can take in a broad array of sounds, and a huge variety of instruments to play on site. (Artists are welcome and encouraged to use their own instruments)

Where creativity can be shown


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Originally a carriage house remodeled into a wood shop, and then again into a green screen film studio, Studio 20 makes a perfect environment to mix, master, and film any Prodigious Productions project!

The studio is operated by Mark Townsend of MST Productions, a video production company established in mid-2010 formed solely based on the fun and joy of creating something. On any given day the studio can be used for producing a fun sketch for personal enjoyment, a drum cover for Brandon, or even the occasional full scale production.

The MST Productions studio features a lot of repurposed equipment including soundboards, computers, and even some microphones, in conjunction with newer, more modern equipment to create an effective (with a surprisingly small amount of problems) and convenient way to let the mind run loose. When Prodigious Productions is brought on set, the modern mixing and mastering equipment is plugged in to the studio system and the creativity begins!

MST Productions is a proud member of the Prodigious Productions family and throughly enjoys working with Brandon and every other artist, and looks forward to continuing its partnership in the future.


Above: Studio 20 not only serves as a recording studio, but is quite often a place where Prodigious Productions and MST Productions personnel can relax and take a load off from the crazy world that is outside the studio door, as Mark Townsend clearly displays here

Left: Travis Newcamp, Brandon Seliga, and Josh Lutz discuss a stop-motion video project. The video (entitled "Lego Stargate") can be found on the MST Productions YouTube channel

Below: The Studio 20 green screen freshly painted for an upcoming project

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