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The 7th String - Hello!

Hello! And welcome to The 7th String! We are the official Prodigious Productions blog! We'll be here to give you all of the latest news in the wide-world of Prodigious Productions, along with editorials from every-day musicians, and listeners

There is no true schedule to these blogs posts, but we plan to post twice a week!

We love when people send us editorials, so if you have something you want to say, click "Contact The Writers" or email us at officialprodigiousproductions@gmail.com with "The 7th String" in the subject line.

I'm Mark Townsend, the chief editor. I'm a trumpet and bass player, and the business administrator/media manager for Prodigious Productions. I'm a good friend of founder Brandon Seliga, and work closely with him everyday; which means I can coerce him into writing articles every once in a while!

This blog will primarily feature 2 writers, in addition to any Prodigious Productions staff or fan submissions. First there's myself, along with a close friend of mine, Noah Alexander, who enjoys writing just as a hobby, and often has an insightful perspective on music.

We hope you enjoy The 7th String as much as we enjoy writing it!

That's all for now!


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