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The 7th String - Hello!

Hello! And welcome to The 7th String! We are the official Prodigious Productions blog! We'll be here to give you all of the latest news in the wide-world of Prodigious Productions, along with editorials from every-day musicians, and listeners

There is no true schedule to these blogs posts, but we plan to post twice a week!

We love when people send us editorials, so if you have something you want to say, click "Contact The Writers" or email us at with "The 7th String" in the subject line.

I'm Mark Townsend, the chief editor. I'm a trumpet and bass player, and the business administrator/media manager for Prodigious Productions. I'm a good friend of founder Brandon Seliga, and work closely with him everyday; which means I can coerce him into writing articles every once in a while!

This blog will primarily feature 2 writers, in addition to any Prodigious Productions staff or fan submissions. First there's myself, along with a close friend of mine, Noah Alexander, who enjoys writing just as a hobby, and often has an insightful perspective on music.

We hope you enjoy The 7th String as much as we enjoy writing it!

That's all for now!


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